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The New ROI.

Today, advertisers want to measure brand engagement. Campaign goals and objectives are defined by it. Mobile Theory’s system of sophisticated, customized and targeted media placement powers a successful brand initiative. As the only premium network designed for brands, we set the bar higher. And we offer complete transparency.

Premium Publishers,
Meet Premium Advertisers.

Publishers want quality, relevant advertisers. We get it. That’s why Mobile Theory focuses on advertisers that will enhance a site and the value of its inventory. We work with an exclusive number of brand publishers to offer marketers what they want: high impact, quality ad inventory. The sites we represent earn higher revenues thanks to our unique model.

Born of Mobile.

Mobile Theory and our technology platform AdMarvel, were built for mobile. Neither is re-purposed from online. They’ve been built with one thing in mind: A dynamic, rapidly changing medium adopted by advertisers and publishers at a rate much greater than online ever was. Our clients and partners include the likes of Conde Nast, Pandora, Chevrolet, Google, Walmart, Red Bull, Paramount Pictures and hundreds of other blue-chip companies.