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It's the Big Bang
Theory All Over Again

The path to mobile marketing success is paved with premium publishers, premium placements and industry-leading technology.

Making sense of the brave new world of mobile takes bold thinking and the expertise to sift through the clutter and discern quality from mere quantity. Mobile Theory is comprised of some of the sharpest tacks in the industry. We’ve taken the executive role in everything from founding brands to building brands for top interactive companies like Tribal Fusion, Quantcast, Greystripe, Collective Media, Engage, Unicast, 24/7 Real Media and Glam Media. And we’re ready to put that experience to work for mobile advertisers and publishers like you.

Mobile Ad Networks promise everything. Whatever that means.

As part of the Opera mobile ecosystem, Mobile Theory has vast resources to continue innovating on behalf of our partners. Opera Mini, the most widely used mobile browser in the world with over 170 million active users, is also the fastest mobile browser on the planet and the only browser with customizable advertising placements. A team of 300 developers and engineers support the Opera Mini browser.

London based 4th Screen Advertising is the premium mobile rep firm in the United Kingdom and boasts some of the industry’s best rich media chops in the industry.

AdMarvel is the de facto ad server for the world’s largest mobile publishers with media giants like CBS, Hearst, Conde Nast and Gannett on the platform.

We leverage the know-how from all these great companies for the benefit of our advertisers and publishers everyday.

As an advertiser or publisher you have a choice. You can go with any number of broadly targeted, high reach, low cost mobile networks. They promise everything. But here’s the thing. Do you need everything or more sophisticated, targeted solutions? At the other end of the spectrum is Mobile Theory, a premium ad network. We work with sites and apps people know and trust, that provide an ad environment worthy of top brands. Inventory that’s anything but remnant. Targeting that’s the perfect blend of art and science. We are as much about making an impression as leaving one. And that makes everyone look good.

The More Things Change,
The More Things Change.

Whether you're a first time mobile advertiser testing the waters or a veteran marketer, we offer a wide range of mobile display solutions. We keep our fingers on the pulse of this evolving medium. We’re always ready to share the best practices, newest innovations and most recent industry trends.

Let's work together to find how persistent ad placements and rich media can make a big impression on a little screen. Let's continue the conversation with consumers while they're out and about.

Whether you seek a niche audience, need powerful insights that teach and inform, or a transparent and custom list of premium media properties, we can help.