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Pharma marketing expertise now
available on your mobile device

Reach 400,000 physicians and healthcare professionals in virtually every specialty, across iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Mobile Theory introduces the first highly efficient and scalable mobile media solution for Pharma marketers.

The best way to reach
healthcare professionals

Mobile fits naturally with physicians' lifestyle and workflow needs. Reference tools that had historically sat on a doctor's bookshelf now rest in the palms of their hands, offering unprecedented advertising opportunities.

Recent surveys from Manhattan Research show that more than 80% of doctors will carry smartphones and a third will be using iPads or other tablets by the end of 2012.

Over 110 professional-facing mobile sites and apps serve as the marketing platform for our pharma advertisers.

We assist every step of the way from developing FDA-compliant creative to crafting media plans that reach specialists across the medical spectrum. Mobile Theory partners with the world's largest pharmaceutical brands to enable their mobile strategies.

If you're a Pharma marketer looking to reach Healthcare Professionals at the point of care, Mobile Theory is the solution. Highly targeted inventory combined with our unique understanding of mobile and the HCP marketing space qualifies Mobile Theory like no other partner.

Direct-to-consumer mobile
marketing with pinpoint

The power of mobile targeting to reach consumers how, when and where you want.

Mobile Theory's experience in mobile executions for DTC marketers is unsurpassed, with a multi-year history of working with the world's largest pharmaceutical brands.

Leveraging mobile's broad range oftargeting capabilities to reach target audiences, which include:

  • Condition-specific content
  • Demographic targeting
  • Lifestyle targeting
  • Weather-triggers
  • All on trusted websites and mobile apps